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Expo Ferrovaria, Italy railway products

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A busy programme of conferences and seminars takes place during EXPO Ferroviaria 2017. All you need to do is register your visit for free online.


Tuesday 3 October 2017

12.30 Nadella
Forum 1
Meet Nadella at EXPO Ferroviaria 2017
Our presentation will focus on the main applications of Nadella in the railway field, where our products, especially telescopic rails, linear guide systems and rod ends, are widely used. Sliding doors, seat adjustments, battery case openings, binary exchanges, are just some of the possible applications.  

14.00 Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane with the support of CIFI (Association of Italian Railway Engineers)
Forum 2

The Internationalisation of the rail market: the challenges of the FS group

Click here for the detailed programme of the conference.

14.00 FerCargo and FerCargo Manovra
Sala Epsilon, 3rd floor, Hall 2

FerCargo and FerCargo Manovra meet the banking world: a strategic alliance for the growth of rail freight in Italy
With the aim of reinforcing collaboration opportunities with the credit sector, by illustrating the specific features of the Italian rail market and the main challenges for its growth in Italy, FerCargo and FerCargo Manovra will bring together for the first time Banks and Credit Institutions at the only exhibition dedicated to the railway industry in Italy.

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Forum 1

MA SERVICE is a company that is close and attentive to the development of the transport sector
Among Italy's leading companies, MA SERVICE has worked in the maintenance sector for over a decade offering warranty assistance on a wide range of trains in both the domestic and international markets. With over 300 jobs completed in approximately 30 site, and a new company organisational model readied, MA SERVICE is keeping pace with the ever challenging dynamics of the market

15.00 DITECFER in collaboration with JU SHIFT2RAIL
Forum 1 
4th Forum DITECFER 'Innovative Solutions' under the TSI to the test of 'widespread' innovation in the Railway field
What happens when a "radical" innovation in the Railway sector requests modifications of the current specifications in order to enter the market? Should the innovation "stop" or can the specifications be amended? And if yes, what is the procedure to apply?
Very concrete questions we will answer in order to create awareness to Italian Innovative Companies: not only Companies operating in the Railway sector since longtime but even more startups and "outsiders" needing an important clarification on the issue.
We will mainly focus on the so-called "Innovative Solutions" in the TSI, the Technical Specifications for Interoperability defined at EU level. We will discuss about it together with the JU Shift2Rail that is promoting the major R&D activities in the Railway sector ever made in Europe, with the EU Agengy for Railways, the Italian National Agency for Railway Safety, the FSI Group, ASSIFER, CIFI and other key stakeholders.

The FORUM DITECFER aims to be helpful to the Italian Railway Industry through "more awareness" about the rules and their possible modifications.

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Wednesday 4 October 2017

10.30 Carl Software
Forum 1

FER (Ferrovie Emilia Romagna) - Speaker: Fabrizio Maccari
Managing inspections on trains, selling points, stations and real estate assets.
GTT (Gruppo Torinese Trasporti) - Speaker: Luca Dolfin
Managing stock of spare parts and repair kits.

10.30 ANCEFERR - National Association of Railway Contractor
Forum 2

The Future Travels on Rail. Civil Railway Companies test the Industry 4.0
Prof. Stefano Cianciotta - 'Università degli Studi di Teramo - Think Tank Competere
Dr. Livia Randaccio - Editorial Director Imprese Edili 
Antonio Ortensi - Columnist and Curator of Cantieri 2.0 column on weekly Il Sole 24 Ore - Edilizia & Territorio

Forum 1

NEOBALLAST - seeking the ballast of the future
Speaker Valentí Fontserè - The presentation illustrates the Neoballast project, describing the benefits that this innovative technology can bring to the rail sector. The focus will be on the main advantages that can be obtained in terms of greater mechanical performances and durability of Neoballast in relation to the traditional ballast.

12.00 D&T Srl - Divisione SHRAIL
Forum 1

360 degrees railway simulators
Simulation: training by driving simulators. Other professionals in Public Transport (dispatchers, maintainers) may also be interested (Infrastructure Simulators). We will talk about integrated training, that is, the contemporary use of simulators suitable for different professionals. Finally, we can use the same simulator to study system operations.

13.30 Pilz Italia Srl
Forum 1 

SIL 4 flexible Safety solutions
Modern programmable Safety solutions offer high flexibility, remote connection and cost savings. Pilz developed a solution that reaches the maximum Safety level according to specific technical standards.

14.00 CIFI - Association of Italian Railway Engineers and ASSIFER - Railway Industry Association
Forum 1 

Regional Lines and Urban Nodes. Solutions to increasing their use and performances through technological investment.
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14.00 ASSTRA - Public Transport Association
Forum 2

The regional railway network: between market and security
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Thursday 5 October 2017

10.30 DNV GL 
Forum 1

The Cyber Security Assessment in Railway Signalling Applications
Computer-based control systems allow to increase performance in train operation. Cyber attacks will always be considered during safety assessment activities. DNV GL - Business Assurance Transportation Services, present the Railway Security Assessment scheme, a simple tool for train operators, infrastructure managers and railway manufacturers to demonstrate risk control.

10.30 FerPress
Forum 2 

Commercial offer innovation for freight rail
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11.30 MM SpA
Forum 1
MM – From concept to construction. Italian and international case studies
Francesco Venza: Technical Director
Andrea Bruschi: Mobility Planner
Davide Mardegan: Proposal Manager

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